You’re invited to Gaming Trend’s Electronauts coast-to-coast VR DJ livestream party

Come party with Gaming Trend as we throw a VR DJ livestream party! Join our livestream tonight, August 17th at 7:30PM, and watch DJs and music creators in New York and Los Angeles team up through virtual reality to make music via Survios’ newest title, Electronauts. The feed will include streams of both the New York and Los Angeles parties, which will feature Electronauts-inspired glowing drinks, and guests who are dressed to fluoresce.

DJ talent will include DJ Headshot, Count Ninjula, TinehNmjeh, HYJNX, and more. Have your own copy of Electronauts? Come jam with us! We’ll be sharing the spotlight and jumping into multiplayer to make musical magic along side watchers throughout the night.

You can learn more about Electronauts at Survios’ website, and be sure to check out Gaming Trend’s mixed reality preview video, featuring lead editor Kay Purcell. See you tonight!

Chaotic wholesome. Dice-maker. DM and TTRPG performer. Shiny Pokémon hunter. Kay works in video games during the day, speaks at conferences during the weekends, and pretends to be an orc, tiefling, android, etc by night.

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