Gaming Trend’s Game of the Year Coverage Hub

As we bid farewell to 2014, it’s time for Gaming Trend’s Game of the Year coverage to begin.

This year, many of our editors are putting out their personal top ten lists, all culminating in a site-wide top ten list as well as miscellaneous category winners on January 1st.

Here’s our schedule for the next few days:

December 26th:

Eric Van Allen, Editor
David Roberts, Managing Editor

December 27th:

Kenneth Shepard, Lead News Editor
Spencer Campbell, Editor

December 28th:

Matthew Welsh, Staff Writer
Niko DelValle, Contributor

December 29th:

Stefan Alexander, Editor
Lucious Barnes, Editor

December 30th:

Victor Grunn, Lead Reviews Editor
Jay Malone, Editor

December 31st:

Travis Northup, Staff Writer
Ron Burke, Executive Director and Editor-In-Chief

January 1st:

Gaming Trend’s Top Ten Games of 2014
Gaming Trend’s Category Awards for 2014
Gaming Trend’s 2014 Deliberations Podcast

Keep an eye on this space for when each list goes live. From the Gaming Trend staff to all of you, Happy New Year!

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