Overkill's The Walking Dead

I don't know if anybody else is in the beta for this one? Or was looking forward to it?

Thanks to Rittchard I was able to get a key for the beta and gave it a bit of a try yesterday. I have to say that while I'm glad it isn't just a copy of Left 4 Dead as some said it might be, I'm not entirely sold on it.

Unfortunately the first mission they give you is to defend your base against oncoming hordes. I tried that one three different times with different groups and kept failing at different waves. Not particularly fun. Oh, and you get to watch the story/intro video on levels every time you play it. Ugh.

I tried some of the other missions that you pick from a map exactly like Payday 2. I liked the idea of ones that encouraged you to be stealthy because there were too many walkers. Except they later turned into constant shootouts with other humans that wasn't so fun and ended poorly.

Overall it seems a bit slower paced, and more limited ammo than something like L4D. Which isn't necessarily a bad or good thing. But the balance feels off, particularly the health feels kind of random and crappy, seemingly going down to nothing if a zombie is next to you and they just take you down.

I may go play a bit more today, and we'll see how this turns out after beta, but my enthusiasm has been severely lowered.


  • EngineNo9
    GT Member
    I guess I kind of skipped over the more obvious complaints of long-ass load times and kinda crappy melee combat which is really bad for a game all about ammo limits and using lots of melee combat.

    And there is absolutely zero facial animations on the zombies, which normally might not seem like a big deal but you spend up to a minute watching their faces in VERY close proximity if you get taken down to the ground, and they just look really bad without even any biting animations or anything.

    Mostly it just feels like other games all do the things here better, and it shocks me that this game has taken 5 years. It would feel decent for a mod or from a new team, but for something from the company that's already made semi-similar games with Payday and taken this long I have no idea what's up.
  • rittchard
    GT Member
    Yeah I was pretty disappointed with the beta too. But then again I suck bad at these games to begin with.

    I only tried the first mission and I just kept dying, it was really annoying. I ran out of ammo quick so I was mostly trying to fight melee. I was hoping the game would be more TWD oriented, which to me means more melee.

    At this point my hope is that there is a decent tutorial and story mode, but I have pretty low expectations.
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