Civilization 6 - now on the iPhone!!!

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It's the same full game they released for iPad last year but now works on the iPhone. So you don't have to buy it again if you already did. But if you haven't, it's on sale now for $23.99. Again, this is supposedly the same content as the original $60 PC version.

I sometimes wonder what me from like 20-30 years ago would think about this. Games of this complexity with such good graphics on a device that fits in your palm. It's just crazy.


  • Gratch
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    I played Civ VI quite a bit on iPad when it came out. At some point, one of the patches borked up the the game settings that allow me to choose which civ you start with, the size of the world, the difficulty level, etc. All those options have disappeared, and the only way I can start a game now via the "Play Now" button, which always starts me off with the Chinese civilization on the medium difficulty.

    It's frustrating, as I'd really like to play again, but I only like a lower difficulty level. Should probably look into that bug at some point.

    EDIT: Clicking Buy It Now then Restore Purchases apparently fixes the issue.
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