Final Fantasy Pocket Edition coming to all consoles

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Coming To PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, the shrunk-down version of Square Enix’s RPG with adorable characters and streamlined game play, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, the publisher said today.

The episodic game was released earlier this year on iOS and Android phones, with a Windows 10 edition following later. Kotaku’s Mike Fahey called it “an outstanding abridgment of the original, and a godsend for players like me who want to get to know the story of Noctis and friends but just don’t have the time.”

Store listings for the Xbox and PlayStation versions have already gone up, and the game should be available imminently. The Nintendo Switch version is “scheduled for release soon.” Instead of a free-to-play first episode with microtransactions for the rest, the console version of Pocket Edition is a one-time payment of $29.99.


  • Gratch
    GT Member edited September 7
    I actually really liked the Pocket Edition when I played it on iOS. It cut the FF XV experience down to the core story, had fun combat, and the cutesy art style was great. In some ways, I'd actually recommend it over the actual game, which I always felt sort of lost itself in sidequest and exploration hell.

    Unfortunately, it was an buggy disaster on iOS. Multiple game-breaking bugs, random crashes, lock-ups, and slowdowns made it basically unplayable. I got about a little over halfway through before simply giving up in frustration after losing an hour of progress on a random crash for the umpteenth time.

    If they iron out the technical issues, I'd highly recommend it. If not, stay far, far away.
  • EddieA
    GT Member
    The game is on sale (at least on PS4, but it's supposed to be on all platforms) for $17.99 for the first week.
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