Weekend! Games. Playing?


  • jztemple2
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    Phantom Doctrine on the PC for me. I'm sixteen hours in and so far I'm liking it.
  • Isgrimnur
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    School Work.
  • EngineNo9
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    I picked up Barbearian this week, and it seems like a fun little hack-and-slash game. You fight big groups of enemies and get more followers of your own as you rescue them.

    I played a bit more Dead Cells, and while it's fun I still don't feel like I've really been sucked in. I'm kind of at a big impasse of not making much progress and just replaying the same dumb levels over and over. I get to what I assume is the first boss fight, but I've never gotten him below half health, then rinse and repeat.

    I played a bit of the closed beta test for Rune today, but can't really say anything with the NDA.

  • Gratch
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    Picked up Dead Cells yesterday, and despite Metroidvania's never being my thing (because I really suck at action games), it's been quite fun. That said, I can see where it might start to wear thin after a while. We'll see.

    Been reading a lot about the new xpac, and decided to give WoW another shot. Rolled a Night Elf Monk and got up to 20. Enjoying it so far, and maybe this is the toon that actually gets me past my previous high level (32).

    Also been messing around with Monster Hunter World again. Started a new character, and just got to the point where I left off last time (opened up the Coral Highlands). I went Dual Wield this time, which is way more fun than sword & shield. Also, it's amazing how much easier things are when you don't have to try and fumble through learning the systems. I got to the same point in the game in literally about half the time. lol
  • coopasonic
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    The plan was Monster Hunter World, but the kiddo suckered me into playing a bunch more No Man's Sky and a little bit of Borderlands 2. I got to "the end" of NMS, moving on to another galaxy with most of my tech broken and my base gone. That might just end the game for me. We'll see.
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