Tower of Time

Just started playing this indie CRPG and it's really good. About a month ago some friends and I started playing the board game GloomHaven and this game feels a bit like it. You have a party of four exploring dungeons from an isometric perspective, like Diablo, where you are solving puzzles and fighting. The combat is interesting, you can see your enemies on the map and when you approach them you get to see their stats and either battle them or walk away if you fight then it takes you to a different area so you are not fighting on the main map, like HOMM. The combat uses threat levels which determines which character enemies will target so balancing that out makes for some good strategy. Some of the skills involve drawing on the screen, one character has a rock shield wall where you get to decide where to summon it which is really cool. It is an indie game so it is sparse in the voice work so you will be reading, but it's not as heavy as some similar games in the genre.

I did a google search and didn't find any reviews from the top gaming sites and the top post on their Steam forum is how to get the game out there so I thought I'd do my little part and mention the game.


  • Gratch
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    This one is on my Steam wishlist, thanks for the impressions
  • Dante Rising
    Dante Rising
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    I grabbed this awhile ago, and agree that it is a hidden gem. One word of warning....hard difficulty is no joke. Also note that combat is real time, but can be slowed significantly with the space bar.
  • shon
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    A couple of other things:
    The combat can be fully paused as there is a toggle in the options if you want either slow vs pause.
    Each character only has 4 spells equipped at a time, you eventually have a total of 12 or so to pick from.
    The skill tree can be respec at anytime with no penalty so part of the strategy is choosing the right party then pick the skills that will complement each other.
    Your characters don't gain experience but you find blueprints along the way that lets you update the barracks where you can train your crew to increase their levels using gold.
    You can't sell your equipment but you demantle it to make other equipment.
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