Twitch Prime free games during July (gotta claim them soon!)

To celebrate "Prime Day", Twitch is giving away free games throughout the month of July. They are each only available for a few days, so be sure to claim them on your account before they go away and then you keep them forever.

Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition: July 2nd — July 4th:
Metal Slug 3: July 3rd — August 2nd
The Last Blade: July 3rd — August 2nd
Twinkle Star Sprites July 3rd — August 2nd
QUBE2: July 3rd — July 9th
Battle Chef Brigade: July 4th — 11th
Manual Samuel: July 5th — July 12th
GoNNER: July 6th — July 13th
Next Up Hero: July 7th — July 14th
Uurnong Uurnlimited: July 8th — 14th
Hue: July 9th — July 15th
Deponia Doomsday: July 10th — July 16th
>Observer_: July 11th — 17th
Tacoma: July 12th — July 18th
The Bridge: July 13th — July 26th
Brutal Legend: July 14th — July 27th
The Red Strings Club: July 15th — July 21st
Tyranny: July 16th — July 18th
Broken Age: July 17th — July 31st
The Framed Collection: July 18th — July 31st
Serial Cleaner: July 18th — July 31st



  • EngineNo9
    GT Member
    Don't forget to keep claiming your games throughout the next week.
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