[movie] Ant-man & Wasp

First review I have seen.

Looks like exactly what I expected and wanted.


  • Purge
    GT Member
    Loved it.
  • farley2k
    GT Moderator
    I loved it as well but I have to say I was rather annoyed that they kept popping off their helmets in the miniature realm. I liked how, in the first one, they always had on masks when shrunk. It only makes sense. Our lungs are designed to extract oxygen from molecules of a set size. If those molecules are twice as big relative to the person then they would not pass the membrane of lungs so the blood could get oxygen. Heck even if the oxygen got into the blood it would be huge compared to what the body can use! I liked how the first movie dealt with that by always having them were a mask. That implied (to me anyway) Scott had air in the suit that got shrunk with him.

    This was especially jarring to me when they took off their mask in the "sub atomic" realm. What they hell were they breathing?

    Other than that nit pick I loved the movie.
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