[PC] Phoenix Point (X-COM creator Julian Gollop's return to tactical TBS)

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Backer Build 1: Everything You Need to Know:
Backer Build One is a pre-alpha build of the tactical portion of the gameplay. It contains the demo map which you may have seen from the previous events that we attended. It also includes procedurally generated maps.

In Backer Build One you will play as the New Jericho faction, controlling 2 Assault soldiers, 1 Sniper and 1 Heavy. The Backer Build includes the free-aiming system introduced at EGX Rezzed and the inventory system which we have not yet showcased.
I did belatedly get in on backing this enough to get in on the playable build (they email you a link). My work duties changed, and I just haven't had time to play anything much in weeks now. I hope to get some time in on this this weekend, maybe I can babble here a bit. They said sharing steams/videos is OK, and they just ask that we make it clear we're playing an "in development" early build.

Anyone else playing the early build yet? It's decidedly "pre-alpha" I read so some basic things like proper menus and options menus aren't implemented yet.

It seems like some early concerns maybe it's taking too much inspiration from Firaxis' XCOM takes has faded a bit cause players are digging the differences (can eventually form a huge squad as in the original games, giant boss monsters, specific parts targeting, etc.).

I believe both Steam and GoG releases are planned; just they probably won't have store pages at those sites until closer to actual release.


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    I'm looking forward to the final game, but I am not really interested in anything but the finished product.
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    I put a little time in this early-build Saturday. While it obviously takes some cues from Firaxis' XCOM games, some interface omissions are baffling even if this is an early build. For example, spacebar (used for firing in Firaxis' games) does nothing here, and you have to mouse-click tiny buttons to fire. Yeah I know, First World problems. :)

    Also, for the life of me I can't figure out a way to get back to the game options menu to exit the game (once you're playing, the ESC button doesn't pull that up, and I've tried everything, and the bare bones documentation says nothing about exiting the game). So I have to pull up WIndows task manager to shut the game down. Which to me is disappointing, early build or not.

    Game plays fine. I think Firaxis' AAA-presentation budget is a little spoiling by comparison. Being able to target specific body parts (a la, say Fallout) is neat, but I was finding it a bit too difficult to toggle amongst the various available parts to aim at.

    I think I'll wait for an updated build before I try it again.
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