[PS4] Spiderman 9/7/2018

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Spider-Man PS4 Comes Out September 7


Spider-Man will be out September 7, developer Insomniac Games said today. Prepare to swing webs and so on.

The upcoming superhero action game, announced at E3 2016, is a PlayStation 4 exclusive set in an open-world version of New York City. You’ll play as a 23-year-old version of Peter Parker, fighting the likes of Kingpin and Mister Negative.

Insomniac Games is perhaps best known for the Ratchet and Clank series, although in recent years the studio has released several original games including the shooter Fuse and the Xbox exclusive action game Sunset Overdrive. If you can’t wait until September for more details, this month’s Game Informer cover story is all about Spidey.


  • EngineNo9
    GT Member
    That's a nice, early release date ahead of the fall/holiday rush. I'm guessing this means we'll see plenty of gameplay at E3 in a couple months.
  • farley2k
    GT Moderator
    I am annoyed it is the same month as Dragon Quest XI. Feast or famine!
  • farley2k
    GT Moderator
    Exclusive Impressions Of Spider-Man's Gameplay - Game Informer

  • katamaris4ever
    GT Editor
    It's gonna be out on my birthday!
    (Seriously getting this because of this fact)
    But are we gonna get the pizza missions from the second game though? XD
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