Surviving Mars [PC/XB1/PS4] - city building on Mars from Tropico devs

As I mentioned in the "buying this week" thread, I ended up buying this game from Haemimont and Paradox because of preorder incentives. So far it seems pretty cool.

I put about an hour into my first game and realized I had kind of screwed myself over so I ended up restarting that whole planet rather than trying to salvage it. The tutorials didn't seem nearly as informative or obvious as maybe they could have been.

After another couple hours on a new map things are going pretty well. I finally have my first human colonists and they haven't died yet! Starving a little bit, but not starving to death...yet. I have made plenty of mistakes, but mostly recoverable.

So far it seems to be pulling me along quite well in the "just need to get one more step" way, and if I didn't have to stop to eat supper I would have kept playing. And even then I was 45 minutes late to eat, haha.


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