Playing any Winter Games?

Since the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang starts this week I was curious if anybody else is playing any winter or Olympic themed games to celebrate?

The most obvious one is Steep, which has its whole Olympics DLC expansion that came out late last year.

But I also saw that Carried Away launched a free Carried Away: Winter Sports version on Steam today, which is some fun for building "bridges" (mostly jumps) and watching your little dude smash his face into the hill when you miss the jump.

You could go exploring the player made mountains of Infinite Air with Mark McMorris who is competing in the Olympic snowboarding for Canada:

Or maybe you are more of the biathlon type, but like to do both at once in Ski Sniper?

Or back to the simplicity of classics with Just Ski

Or the open world free-to-play Snow

Maybe a little more extreme with some Rocket Ski Racing!

Or something else entirely?


  • EngineNo9
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    I guess another one with a retro style just launched on Steam today! Ski Hard: Lorsbruck 1978
  • EngineNo9
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    You guys suck.
  • Dante Rising
    Dante Rising
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    I didn't even know the Winter Olympics were going on until I was out to dinner with my fiancée last night, and saw it on television! My TV viewing is either Plex or Netflix, and I rarely read any news these days, so I guess my life is more insular than I realized.

    What else is going on? New president? War?

    The last winter themed game I played was I Am Setsuna. It was a very boring JRPG with a beautiful soundtrack and a well realized winter setting.
  • coopasonic
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    EngineNo9 wrote: »
    You guys suck.

    Yeah, I am not into the winter games. My wife is a bit disappointed with me on that front as well. I don't really enjoy watching any of it anymore. I am a snowboarding fan and used to be a rider myself when I lived in a more suitable climate, but Steep didn't do it for me. I haven't tried McMorris.

    Last Winter Sports game I remember enjoying would probably be one of the earlier SSX games. I seem to recall Amped as well, but I am not remembering details.
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