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This is in Open Beta now. Similar to some other Asian games and quite a few mobile games like Lineage 2, kind of a hybrid between Diablo 3 and a traditional MMORPG.

I just started checking it out, seems like it has potential because the core combat has a good feel to it, but I'm not ready to make a recommendation yet. They just added some PvP features as well, so I'm curious to see what those are like.


  • rittchard
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    After a weekend, I'm definitely enjoying my time in this game, but I still have trouble recommending it. It's very similar to the game I recommended a while back, Guardians of Ember, but it is much more polished and has a great deal more content. Also very similar to Devilian if you ever tried that. It's actually lacking the group type questing that GoE has, which is kind of a loss, but it has a wider variety of dungeons and instanced content, much of which can be customized in difficulty. I haven't reached the endgame but it seems to have more variety of content there as well.

    In general there's a lot of AoE style monster bashing, definitely reminiscent of Diablo 3, and it can be satisfying to blast a group apart and have their bodies flail all over the place. Much of the game is spent like an MMO doing kill X and get X quests. So far the loot drops seem pretty average, but they do offer multiple ways to enhance them, similar to D3. The skill system is not particularly sophisticated, probably more similar to a regular MMORPG than anything else. I haven't had much opportunity to group up yet, so it's hard to say whether classes synergize well together.

    As much as I'd like to see a game like this succeed, I'm wondering if it's even possible. The traditional MMORPG and Diablo-ish styles of play are somewhat complimentary, but in other ways they kind of clash. Diablo can throw tons of mobs at you from all directions at an incredible pace with bazillions of effects, but that's because it's instanced. So a game like this one functions best in the instances/dungeons. But what's supposed to make it special is the open/shared world, where it's harder to duplicate that kind of feel. What you end up with is an open world that is constantly spawning additional mobs, and while it can be fun to round them up and then blast a bunch of them up, it can also be annoying.

    There are rumors that Blizzard is working on a "World of Diablo" game, so I am very interested to see if they can being something unique to the table, or find some way to marry the gameplay styles effectively.

    I did pay $10 for one month of the "platinum" service. This basically just opened up some convenience options which are definitely not required. For instance instead of needing to port back to a town to sell, you can do it on the fly wherever you are.
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