Ride 2 - Taking another ride on this motorcycle racing game

edited January 27 in Video Games
So I picked up this motorcycle racing game just about a year ago on sale on Steam about four months after release. I only played six hours and then got distracted by something else or didn't get into it or whatever. So just for a lark I installed it and tried it again and hey, it turns out to be a lot of fun =)

I'm generally pretty sucky on racing games, only using an X360 controller, but motorcycle racing games are pretty much built for a hand controller. And in Ride 2 I can set the AI to Very Easy ;) but I do have the Physics set to Pro.

Ride 2 can best be described as Forza for bikes, although thankfully there are no Harleys around being driven by dentists on vacation. They are pretty much all racing bikes of different ilks, from little 250s to freakishly fast full blooded Superbikes. A bunch of different models from different manufactures and if I was more of a bikes guy I'd be able to appreciate them more, but I'm getting there.

And there are different views while racing, I prefer the "in-car" view.

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