Weekend Playlist - 1/12 edition

Long weekend for some of his, with the MLK holiday on Monday. Means more time for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I'm really loving that game, and (so far) it completely justifies the purchase of a Switch.

Will probably do some Lineage 2 Revolution as well, but I'm starting to lose interest in the endgame. There really is nothing there but the grind...likely only give it another couple weeks before calling it quits on that one.

Might fit in some Civ VI or Mario Odyssey as well.


  • Purge
    GT Member edited January 2018
    Finishing up Watch Dogs 2 (closing on the endgame, I hope).

    Otherwise I'm hoping to get some coop action with my son. Maybe some COD WWII or BLOPS3 Zombies. Or coop campaign.

    I am selling my WiiU and there is a part of me that wants a Switch. If I give in, then I'll probably just wait to play breath of the wild (which I have for the WiiU, only left the first zone). Maybe that, if the kid hogs the TV to play Farm Sim 2017 or MudRunners.
  • coopasonic
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    PUBG of course.

    I have kind of gone cold on Valkyria Chronicles. The second pass though NieR: Automata isn't grabbing me either.

    On a whim I downloaded Riders of Icarus last night (it was mentioned offhandedly by a twitch streamer) and I might play some more of that. It is a free to play MMO with lots of mounts and pets and combat on flying mounts. My 11yo is interested and I foolishly told him it was free. We tried WoW last year but I got tired of paying for it and we've stopped playing Fortnite and Portal Knights so he wants something to play with dad.

    I'd like to play more Breath of the Wild, but my kids are already fighting over the switch to play it so adding a third set of hands might not work out. I also have it for the Wii U but we disconnected it when we got the switch. I guess I could play on that...

    So many choices... I haven't even opened Uncharted 4. I could go back to inFamous: Second Son... I've been meaning to replay The Surge on PC.
  • pr0ner
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    It's a three-day weekend for me!

    Probably will play some more CoD WWII MP. Dunno what else I might play - maybe Wolfenstein 2 or South Park Fractured but Whole.
  • Jimmy the Fish
    Jimmy the Fish
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    Will continue to grind away on Assassin's Creed Origins. I've put in over 60 hours at this point and I still probably have 40% of the game left to finish.
  • rittchard
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    No 3-day weekend for me :'(

    Stickin to Path of Exile. I'm trying to branch off into Fortnite, not sure if this will be the weekend it happens.
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