New wireless PS4 controller....I wants it!!

Introducing the Onyx wireless controller from Hori, available for PS4 next week
I love the setup of my wired Hori FPS Plus
and I would love it to be wireless so I am in!

*Still doesn't show up on Amazon.



  • pr0ner
    GT Member
    While the XBox thumbstick style is appreciated, the curvature of the triggers and the O button look weird to me.
  • EngineNo9
    GT Member
    Definitely looks like something I would want to try!
  • Purge
    GT Member
    Ditto. Were I to have a PS4, this would suit me better. I think the top curved shoulder buttons may work more naturally, as you're not "wrapping" your fingers around but able to simply tap them with the first joint (more easily).

    When you get one, let us know :)
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