GTX 1080 Ti Availability WTF?

On a whim I was looking for GTX 1080 Ti stock. I think the last time I checked was before Christmas last year and while there weren't tons available, it seemed fairly reasonable to get one at a semi-normal price. Right now, there's just about nothing I can find that isn't jacked up 20% or more. I checked all my main sources and even went to, where it shows as not in stock everywhere but ebay. Amazon's sources are also all inflated.

I wasn't necessarily going to upgrade right now, but now that it's not available it makes me want it more lol. What surprises me is that all the pre-Xmas stock must have sold over the holidays? That's a lot of people spending $800-$1000 on a single video card. I just didn't think there would be that many. Then again, now that iPhones have gone over $1000, maybe people are more willing to fork out big bucks for electronics?


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