More than 4K -- reviewing the Xbox One X at launch

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imageMore than 4K -- reviewing the Xbox One X at launch

The launch of the Xbox One X is just a few days away -- November 7th for North America, to be exact. The questions on a lot of people’s minds ahead of launch is what this the new hardware can bring to the table, and whether it’s worth upgrading for people who already own an Xbox One or Xbox One S. T

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  • MonkeyFinger
    GT Member
    "That said, the Xbox One X has a blistering 326GB/s memory throughput, offering a substantial speed increase over the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 Pro." Assuming that last X should be an S. And dang but those fingernails are... distracting. :-)
  • Purge
    GT Member
    According to the official list :

    Call of Duty: WWII is Now Available (wasn't on the list last week officially, but I noted HDR support right from startup).

    There are 41 titles listed as Available Now, and seems to grow day by day. :)

    Looking forward to my Xbox One X tomorrow morning. :D
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