Racing triumph demands an audience: Gran Turismo Sport review

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imageRacing triumph demands an audience: Gran Turismo Sport review

We have been waiting a long time: each racing game that has been released since the last Gran Turismo has had charm to it, but ultimately whenever it came down to true racing perfection, they each fell woefully short in a litany of fashions. Now, Polyphony has pulled the protective covers off the

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  • Hedon
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    It's a good game so far, but far from perfect. 8/10 so far based on my first 2 days.
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  • 0rionsangel
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    It's a pretty unremarkable driving game. It's good but typical. No wow factor. The weather isn't even as good as Driveclub. They need to take racing games to the next level and stop doing the same typical things over and over again.
  • Gabrielmpf
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    Really, you can't name one single con with this game? I have plenty. What about the lack of a true campaign, or the lack of Time Trial leaderboards, or the lack of ability to change the racing music, not even a button to skip songs you don't like? What about the always-online BS, which will prevent you to do most things in the game, including saving, when the servers are offline or in maintenance. It happened to me today for almost an hour. What about the lack of content? Very few cars and tracks compared to previous iterations. What about the lack of the ability to tune your cars? And I could go on, with many other small details that prevent this game from being a 10/10. It's a 7/10 at best, and that's for the handling and graphics. Have you played any other racing games besides Gran Turismo? Or do you think they all deserve perfect scores? Not even Forza games deserve a 10, and they usually are far better than any recent GT games (namely GT5 and GT6).
  • herpaderpa
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    How much did Sony pay you guys to write this wall of crap?

    Hopefully they wont get mad and stop sending you early games for being too obvious about it.

    I mean any GT fan is going to see right through this within the first two paragraphs. Bro, forget about people playing the game after the PS4 meets its demise! lol. Once the servers go down, which they already have for a while, all thats left is a bunch of license races. That's it. You cant access your garage, You cant take pictures of your cars. You cant progress through the game. So just how exactly are people going to play this once the server or their internet goes down, or polyphony takes them down for the next GT release just like they did with GT5?

    Theres only so much fun to be had with what essentially becomes nothing more than a $60+ beer coaster the moment the servers or your internet goes down. But hey at least its got more locked content coming up next month to look forward to, which somehow you actually spun in the review as if waiting until november to get into your race, in a game with enough missing content as it is, is actually some kind of a feature!

    and thats after you wait 20 minutes to get into a lobby, only to get into a race and have some dude smash into you at a corner, using you as his brake, sending you into the wall, and giving YOU a lower sportsmanship rank because of this. yeah thats going to hit it off well, especially for the e-sport crowd, which is the audience they are trying to market this game towards, correct? i mean i dont know who else this game could be focused towards. obviously not fans of the real gran turismo series.

    i cant believe people will put this stuff out and people will actually be fooled by this nuthuggery of such a mediocre game with shoddy online servers and 90% of the features and content missing that we've came to expect in a gran turismo game,. seriously you need to disclose that this article was endorsed and paid for by sony. i mean if you had to pay $60+ for this unfinished product like all of the rest of us, you'd be asking yourself "Dude where's my Gran Turismo?" either that or lay off the drugs pal. its affecting your abilities to put a rational thought and conclusion together. We get it, youre in love with this game. Perfect. Best Game Ever. Its the holy grail of video games. The second coming of jesus. 100/100 Click me! But Lets be honest here. If you had to pay $60 for this "Gran Turismo" game and weren't in any way endorsed by Sony, what would you score the game? Sometimes a little honesty will go a little farther for your credibility down the road rather than just being the first to rush out a ridiculous review for clicks. Especially with a game where 99% of it relies on PSN and the game servers working in order to work, and most people are only beginning to experience it for what it is.

    but hey i guess these guys enjoy the concept of overpaying for games with next to no content and value. Must be why this barebones "gran turismo" game is perfect, and why they gave The Order 1886 a 95. As long as its got shiny graphics, thats all that matters right?

    but yeah, its a shame people will put stuff like this out there and run with it. i mean if anyone who has spent the last two decades playing Gran Turismo games were to be doing this review and read over this before they herped it out, they would probably vomit in their mouths a little before they even made it through the first 3 paragraphs. `

    But anyways I'm glad you feel like this game is the best thing since sliced bread. Hope you enjoy the game while it lasts. Its a shame most people don't see the game the way you do, Or we'd all be getting ****ed from behind while sony pulls our hair right? This game reeks of mediocrity, and Kaz lost all focus of who his audience is and all direction of what kind of game this was intended to be. It's not for hardcores. its not for e-sports. thats smoke and mirrors. you'll see that right away. when you battle the servers just to be able to play and then you go online, watch a bunch of videos teaching you what the gas and brake button does like youre some kind of 10 year old casual who just transitioned from call of duty, gives you the whole lecture about racing etiquette, and then punishes YOU for other people slamming into you.

    this ship is going to sink before it ever sets sail. this is not a gran turismo game. I wouldnt be worried about the PS4 "meeting its demise". I would be worried that in a couple months, your $60 game becomes a $60 beer coaster after the hype train dies down and everybody else moves on and you have nobody else to race with. Sony needs to get it together

    really boils my carrot when i see this phony stuff getting herped out. especially not even a day after release for what is essentially an online only game. here everybody else is having problems just trying to access the other 99% of the game, while clickbait jimbob is hustling out his ever so detailed and logical review of such a perfect game!
  • Sergeant_Im
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    no cons, that's impossible unless this review is probably paid to write or something.

    the only great thing about this game is the improvement in terms of graphics over the previous generation.
    compared to the older GT versions, this is closer to arcade racing that simulation.
    in fact, it shouldn't even belong in the Gran Turismo franchise.

    the devs should have renamed this game to something else. it is a racing game, but it is not Gran Turismo.

    i used to buy new PS consoles (1/2/3) just to play Gran Turismo series, but this time i guess i wont be getting a PS4 after all. will stick to PC gaming instead. the Forza 7 seems to be the better racing game for now.
  • uxFOOL
    GT Manager
    We don't get paid by a publisher of developer for ANY of the content we post. Period. Reviews are by nature the opinion of the editor who wrote it. You are welcome to disagree with that opinion, all we ask is that you be civil about it.

    Mike Dunn
    Executive Producer & Editor-at-Large

  • herpaderpa
    GT Member edited October 2017
    I would like to add that once again the servers were taken down again last night for a couple hours. Thats two days in a row now. Perfect game huh?

    After they pinched this loaf off, they should have just named it DriveClub 2, and alot less people would have been so disappointed.
  • EngineNo9
    GT Member edited October 2017
    I know every review is an opinion, but I think it's worth examining the review process when you're 25 points above the average and 15 points above the next highest review score.

    Giving a 100 to any game seems like it should be a rarity in general, but to give it to a game that clearly has issues and limitations just seems to reduce credibility in search of some headlines. Especially when a lot of the content relies on servers and live events that won't take place for weeks.
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