• farley2k
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    Good. I like his stuff. To be fair I bet Disney keeps tight enough reins that it will be a safe but good movie.

  • Bullwinkle
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    From reports I've seen, it's Kathleen Kennedy who has the tight hold on the reins. She seems to even have enough power to tell Disney what to do with the franchise. Honestly, she's earned it, and I trust her.
  • Jimmy the Fish
    Jimmy the Fish
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    Lol, half of fandom is "YES!" and the other half is "NO!"

    Personally, I am in the YES crowd. I really liked Force Awakens and commercial safeness aside, at least the movie is in good hands with Abrams. The more interesting thing is that the co-writer is Chris Terrio who wrote the screenplay for Argo (good) and the Batman vs. Superman movie (bad). He's got a very limited body of work and not much of a track record, which is surprising since that's kind of the profile of guys Lucasfilm (Kathleen Kennedy really) has fired so far.
  • Blackjack
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    Seems like a generally good, safe bet on Abrams. I don't think the release window allowed time to consider any other "up and comers" and take a chance on someone else. Rian Johnson just doesn't seem interested in tackling it, especially when he'll still be tied up with Episode 8 through December.

    I just didn't think Abrams would want to spend a lot of time in the UK again after speaking in interviews how difficult it was to be away from his family for long periods of time on the Force Awakens shoot.

    Even if plenty saw Awakens as way too 'templated' on Star Wars circa 197u7, I felt like JJ did a good job overall.

    I mean, the main goal was to make Star Wars fun and exciting again, something that made you feel good as you left the theater, and I definitely felt that way and the audiences I saw it with did in late 2015. He managed to make Harrison Force look like he was having fun in a movie again, arguably for the first time in decades (I thought Ford was fine in the maligned Indy 4). If I found any fault in retrospect, I thought Leia should've gotten more to do than wring her hands and look sad.

    I don't think that was all just pent-up because it had been so long; JJ could've easily messed it up imho. So I do give him credit, and think in a short-release window like this, they really need someone they trust.

    With Lawrence Kasdan busy with the Han Solo solo film, I guess he wasn't in the running to help with screenplay again. With Terrio and all it does sound like they want to start Ep. 8 screenplay from scratch.
  • Bullwinkle
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    Yeah, I'm pretty excited about JJ returning, too. I think even folks who grumble about the 77ness of Force Awakens (or who weren't enamored for other nitpicky reasons) would begrudgingly admit that he could've screwed it up in a much bigger way.

    BTW, on the subject of paralleling A New Hope, I think that would have been less obvious with one change that's already in the DNA of the movie. I've said this before, but I'll reiterate it here. Starkiller base didn't need to be just a Death Star that was, to quote the late Billy Mays, "5 times more pawrful." For the love of KIt Fisto, they had a device that could suck the energy out of a distant star! Isn't that enough to kill a solar system? Hell, it would even be worse than instant explosion, I think. Just leave it at that! Don't have it then ALSO shooty shoot planets. Hell, there are more modern-day parallels to be had if they're taking energy away from a planet and storing it for their own gain (of power/finance).

    Not to say that the whole movie isn't similar in so many other ways to the original film (and clearly intentionally), but I think the rest of it might have fallen by the wayside if the big bad wasn't just Death Star III.
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