Too undressed to address: Senran Kagura Estival Versus review

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imageToo undressed to address: Senran Kagura Estival Versus review

As far as it relates to consuming games, I’ve never been one to be a prude.  While others may find the sexualization of characters in video games to be beyond silly and perhaps a bit pathetic, I’ve always found it to be a nice addition to an otherwise sterile medium.  While others may have bemoaned

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  • TerminalCreature
    GT Member
    After a tirade based on the "pathetic sexualization" of fictional characters, a tirade that went on six whole paragraphs, you actually talk about the gameplay. What is your response to the gameplay?

    "But how does the actual ninja combat play? The answer to that question is unfortunately well."

    I agree, you are not a prude. A prude wouldn't bash the game because of its "oversexualization." I don't think you're even a gamer. You are a zealot. You wanted the gameplay to be broken. How else do I know? Because games that get 3/10's are broken; 3/10 as next to unplayable.

    Thank you for your review, though. Seriously. Now I can use this as a reference for Social Justice in gaming journalism trying to stifle games they find offensive.
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