FT: Lightly used ZOTAC AMP Extreme Nvidia Geforce 980ti graphics card- $209

Dante Rising
Dante Rising
Before I put it up on Ebay, I thought I would give forum members a chance to grab this video card first. Sells on Ebay now for about $300. I'll accept $209 from a forum member. Delivery confirmation.

The graphics card is in perfect shape. I'm selling because I upgraded to a 1080ti superclocked.

BTW, this is the Zotac AMP Extreme version. The second highest factory overclocked card on the market at the time. I was running the Witcher 3 at 4K high/ultra settings @ 35-42 fps, so she has alot of muscle.

WARNING: This is a BIG card due to the large heatsinks. Be certain it can fit in your rig.

Details are here: https://www.zotac.com/se/product/graphics_card/gtx-980-ti-amp-extreme
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