Bug? Ctrl+B not working to bold selected text


You can hit the B up above the post section and see that it surrounds the text you have with double asterisks to indicate bold.

However, if you select some existing text and use the common keyboard command of Control + B, it actually puts four asterisks before and four after which does not bold the text.


  • uxFOOL
    GT Manager

    Have you used Markdown? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown

    Might be a better way to go with formatting. Not sure how much the PhPBB formatting carries over...

    Mike Dunn
    Executive Producer & Editor-at-Large

  • EngineNo9
    GT Member

    I'm just saying that in any program I use I would try Ctrl+B to bold text. It seems to be picked up here but it doesn't work as one would expect.

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