800 billion dollar cuts to Medicare?!


How in the wild world of sports did old people vote for Trumpykins when he pulls shit like this? In addition to millions losing healthcare, now they'll lose medicare on top. 70 million poor people losing medicare should be enough to motivate them to vote opposite, correct? Or is it still gonna be "Yea, stick it to them libtards!" while they are struggling to figure out whether to pay for food or meds? Absolutely fucking baffling.

Ron Burke
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  • Zinfan
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    I have to agree with you here. Insane policy from the Republican party and I used to count myself as one of them (until a couple of years ago). Is this now showing that money and influence is considered more vital to a politician than general votes? How on earth do you get re-elected if you take health care away from people and now the older voters as well? Seems to be hitting right in the heart of their voter bloc. Pulling support for Medicare to allow for tax breaks to the wealthy just doesn't make any sense to me but really has anything made sense in the last year or so?

    Of course I may be missing something here as I haven't read fully up on it (and I don't have a staff to read the bill for me) but on the face of it I can't see how this benefits the country as a whole.
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