1st Gen MS Surface Pro 128GB. $110

Dante Rising
Dante Rising
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In about a week I'll be receiving my new MacBook Pro. About 13 months ago I purchased a new 1st gen Surface Pro 128GB, i5, Windows 8 tablet which I will no longer need. It also comes with a UAG 'otter box' type case (paid $29 for it) and touch pen. I purchased it for $449. I was going to trade it in at Best Buy, and they are offering $110. I thought I would see if anyone here had any interest before I send it to pasture to a nameless corporation. 😀

Cosmetically it is in excellent shape. The speaker, however, is very faint. I can send pics if you like.

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  • EngineNo9
    GT Member
    Did you upgrade it to Windows 10 while that was free, or leave Windows 8 on it?
  • Dante Rising
    Dante Rising
    GT Member
    Still has 8. But you can grab Win 10 for about $10-$15 on EBay. I've done it twice, and confirmed with MS the keys were valid permanently
  • Azhag
    GT Member
    What are the full specs? Could be interested
  • drifter
    GT Member
    Color me interested as well if the above person passes.
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