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Another "1v1" based game just released on mobile platforms - Warfriends - seems like a lot of fun thus far. The basic dynamic is you are behind cover in the back line of a small 3D-ish combat zone and can only shift left and right. You've got a choice of 4 weapons at any given time (special, bomb, primary and pistol). You've also got a squad/team of AI units (snipers, bombers, shooters, runners, etc) to deploy (or auto deploy). Then let the mayhem begin! The core gameplay is a 1v1 (PvP) match.

You can unlock new weapons and units along the way (but you still choose your favorites to bring into combat), and everything is upgradeable via in-game cash (plus some physical time), which you earn for every match you play, win or lose. There are other cosmetic only unlockables as well.

As you progress in level, you unlock a vs. AI mode which can be played solo or with a friend (not sure if this is live or one of those things you borrow the friend's character, I assume it's live). More importantly you unlock Warcards. These are all sorts of special features that change up the dynamic of the game like heals, special weapons and units, etc. The interesting thing is that they are single-use only. You bring in 4 from your collection, and if you use it it's gone. If not it stays in your deck and you can still bring it out at a later fight. This is a very cool touch that helps to balance out (in the long run) any unbalancing cards, i.e. any super card that seems unbalanced can only be used for one fight. They come in 3 rarities and can be crafted upward (every 3 trades up). Interestingly some of the lower cards seem to have effects just as good as the higher ones, and you can keep getting free ones by watching ads (as well as purchasing using IAP, as expected).

The graphics, environments and units are all pretty fun and well done, and the action is fast and furious. When you add the warcards into the mix it gets crazy fast, and can be a lot of fun. I don't know how competitive it becomes but I like that there are enough AI variables, plus so many upgrade paths, that seem like they help mitigate too much disparity in player skill. But clearly skill/aim/decision-making is still important, so that makes it rewarding on that level as well.

As always, I'm "rittchard" in game.

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