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So I heard that Pokemon had a decent story this year so I am playing my first ever Pokemon game. Right now I'm sort of like that picture of the dog at the computer.

Is anyone playing this? Is there a way to add you as a friend so I can invite you to my festival and trade instead of just me meeting random people from South Korea?


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    I am actually kind of surprised at how little discussion there has been about this. I don't play myself so I am no help but it does seem like a pretty solid entry into the series.

  • TiLT
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    I'm also playing the game, but I'm doing wrap-up in Omega Ruby at the same time, so progress is slow. I've got more than 450 different pokemon in OR right now, and every single legendary that existed before Sun and Moon was released, as well as all Mythicals except one. I've got all pokemon that can be captured in OR except one, which I'm still trying to get (damn you Mirage Spots).

    As for Sun and Moon, I picked Moon as my game. On the second island (which is much better than the first) and enjoying it. My pokedex is up to a little above 60, and I'm planning to catch'em all. With the upcoming January update to the Pokemon Bank that keeps track of your National Dex, I'm going to make a serious attempt to catch every single pokemon ever released, and trade those that are impossible to catch in the games I own in the series (White 2, Omega Ruby, Moon).

    The quality of life improvements in Sun and Moon are a godsend. It's nice to no longer have to keep a spreadsheet with strengths and weaknesses handy at all times, and the complete removal of HMs means I no longer have to carry around two almost completely useless pokemon just to be able to traverse the map.
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    Ha, see all that is pretty much why I haven't waded in to Pokémon before. It never sounded like a game so much as an obsession. I've seen that video of the kid finding his shiny ponita and it was kind of frightening.

    I'm hoping since they added more story this will be a little more inviting. I feel kind of bad that I am beating up on preschoolers right now though :P
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    My 10yo son is getting Sun for christmas and I _should_ be getting Moon and a New 3DS XL. If that all works the boy and I will be playing "together" through it... he will be coaching me through it because I am old and clueless.
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