Steam has completely screwed up now

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So I was playing Skyrim and it crashed/hard-locked my machine right after a transition. I think it may have been in the middle of an autosave. After my machine came up, I fired up steam and it went to a black screen where the store is, dragged slow as hell, and dragged slower still when I went into the library. Just listing the achievements for Skyrim took 10 minutes of them popping up. I closed out through Task Manager and it said it was trying to autosync to the cloud and I left it to finish to see what would happen. When I woke up the next morning, it was still going.

So I've uninstalled steam and my entire library as a result, rebooted, went to steam's site and DL'd the client and reinstalled. I was able to DL Skyrim but then it still hangs. I just fired it up and the store is still black, the little advertisement pop-up of what's new is black, and my system has slowed to a crawl so long as it's running. I waited about three or four minutes, and it crashed out completely. So I'm wondering if I need to uninstall it, strip whatever remains I can out of the registry (using Win7) and try again.

Has anyone ever experienced this and if so, were you able to remedy it? I found quasi-similar things on the steam help boards but couldn't find a fix that would work. Thoughts?


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    Do the uninstall, then get ccleaner and scan your registry. Run and clean a few times to be sure nothing is left. Fwiw, you should not need to wipe your downloaded games, just the client. Once you get the client running again, you could run the verify files utility in the game's properties.

    I had a similar issue with steam last year where it wouldn't even run unless in administrator mode.

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