cryptozoic entertainment and kickstarter

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This kickstarter is ending tomorrow.
anyone here have experience with any of their games?
Are they any good?
Is the company a safe bet for a kickstarter.. IE: will they actually ship?
I already backed this:
and was thinking of adding the cryptozoic game to my stash.
Would need opinions by 5PM on 8/1/2016 if possible. I am leaning towards getting it though


  • EngineNo9
    GT Member
    They have been around for years, and have done a lot of licensed property games and cards (and card games). We worked with them on the Hawken card games a few years ago and they were cool. I'm not as familiar with their work on minis, but they have done them before so it's not a first time.

    I would say it's a fairly safe bet that they will ship, though as usual with any Kickstarter I would plan on them taking longer than initially estimated.
  • uxFOOL
    GT Manager
    I backed both of their Kickstarter Ghostbusters board games, and they have been one of the best, communicative and rewarding companies I've had to deal with on Kickstarter. The Ghostbusters game is really well done and what I received was considerably beefed up from the eventual retail version. When they launched the GB 2 board game kickstarter, they sent bonus figs to the backers of the original game. I backed the Walking Dead game but had to pull out because I just don't have the funds today :P I pretty much would back anything they do- they are solid.

    Mike Dunn
    Executive Producer & Editor-at-Large

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