2DS price drop

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The price is dropping to $70

i am thinking it might be a good fit for my son and wondered if anyone has tried it and what they thought. Is it worth it?


  • Dante Rising
    Dante Rising
    GT Member
    I think it is a good investment at 70 dollars. It is obviously missing a few of the bells and whistles of the 3DS, but a good game is still a good game. I guess it depends on how important the 3D aspect is to him. For me, it is a feature that is constantly turned down or off.

    Grab the version that comes with Mario Cart for free.
  • katamaris4ever
    GT Editor
    I'd say go for it. The 3DS library is still expanding, and it's a pretty resilient handheld, so you should be okay :)
  • Lordnine
    GT Member
    The 3DS is a good system, be aware that while rare, there are a couple games that do rely on the 3D gimmick, or are at least better with it on. The main game that comes to mind is Mario 3D land but I know I’ve encountered it in other games as well. In 3D Land a couple levels and quite a few of the bonus stages would be really difficult or even impossible without the 3D effect.
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