All of my Steam games updating???

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I just came back to my gaming PC tonight and it looks like possibly every game I have installed is queued to download an update.

Seriously, 51 games scheduled for updates, and some of them haven't had patches in years. A bunch of them are 0 byte updates, but many of them are actually 10-200MB updates even for games that don't have new patches. Anybody ever see this?


  • Zinfan
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    Just restarted steam and yep, lots of updates on the list. Not sure what is happening but I find it worrisome.
  • heloder
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    Steam begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 1:45 a.m. Eastern time, April 14th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug...
  • Caine
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    The last time a crapton of Steam games updated, it was to lay the groundwork for one of the sale meta games.
  • EngineNo9
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    on 1460643818:

    The last time a crapton of Steam games updated, it was to lay the groundwork for one of the sale meta games.

    Yeah, that's what I initially thought as well, but this included games like Off-Road Drive that would not be part of that sale and have been out for years and haven't gotten any patches beyond localization updates.

    But I realized it wasn't ALL of my installed games, as I have 89 installed and "only" 51 updated.
  • Hrothgar
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    One of the games that updated on my system had a new prompt on start up. It said use "Win + G" to open game panel. It looked like it had some Xbox style game functions when you pressed that key combo.
  • USMC Kato
    USMC Kato
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    This is not happening on my end.....
    Sounds like a frustrating issue
  • Destructor
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    Word on the street was that Steam was adjusting and removing 'core files' from every install.

    Basically, every time a game gets downloaded, it also downloads all the DirectX binaries and everything you might need when you fire up the game for the first time. The problem is that Steam downloads this for EVERY game (generally in a folder called CommonRedist).

    So, after reading some sites, it seems that Steam started deleting these folders out of every single game you currently had installed, as apparently Steam has some way of doing all the DirectX stuff on a central level. The that Steam forgot to tell everyone it was doing this. was worse in the end it seems. Steam went and deleted all of these things (generally removing 96MB per game), and the next day (or hour), Steam redownloaded all of them over again. Woe be those people who had bandwith caps.

    Steam fucked up and good.
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