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    Nice lead-in episode for next week's mid-season finale, in which we have been promised something really "major." Another "big" death? Yawn. Is it Carl so he can go off to college?

    WHY WHY WHY?!?!?! Sometimes I hate myself for my sarcastic comments lol. I really thought I was mentally prepared for Carl to go, but now that it is happening, I just don't feel ready. As soon as the first scene with Carl and Rick aired, I was dreading that I had predicted correctly. I kept hoping they were deliberately messing with us, but he was getting too many "big" moments/scenes, so I knew his time was limited. I think I've been one of the few steadfast Carl fans from day one of the show, so this one really hits hard. Watching him grow up on the show was like watching my nephew or the kid next door, it just hurts more than it should. I still remember vividly (also because I recently saw the scene again) the scene in season 2 where he had been shot and Herschel was trying to save him, and he did this crazy convulsing thing. I was like holy crap this kid is good, I could barely stand to watch that scene without feeling the intensity.

    Anyway, it's interesting to note that the actor and producers are saying it doesn't have to do with his going to college. He said he even just bought a house down there, interestingly enough. I think I would have felt better if they just said it was so that he could move on, more like Sasha. I'm wondering if it was more of a contract negotiation thing because it's hard to believe the writers wanted to do this for the story, which is how they are selling it. Carl is still huge in the comics in the later parts of the comic, so it's going to be interesting to see how (and with who) they fill the void.

    Back to the episode itself - really an excellent one, except for perhaps some minor confusion as to who was where and when, again one of the things this team doesn't seem good at conveying. I was also confused by Carl's seeming injury, which I assumed was from when he fell, and also Michonne was acting really weird the whole time (did she already know?). Nonetheless, we had some fantastic scenes with Maggie and Eugene, short as they were, on top of the lead Carl storyline. The Carl-Negan exchange was gold, I'd give them both Emmy nominations. Watching the last scenes between Rick and Carl is going to be really hard for me, I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

    I still wish they would write their way out of it, I'd be fine with any deus ex machina to save him. Peanut butter creates immunity! His near death experience already cleared him of the virus! The virus exited with his eyeball! There are tons of ways to keep him alive if they wanted, but based on the interviews it seems like it's already done. I'm sad.
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    Yeah, for a moment, I was thinking "when the hell did Carl get bitten??" then he casually dropped the reference to the other guy, which I didn't get until after the episode was over and I had to think back to that fight in the woods. I'm guessing the fight was roughly 24 hours previous? The jumping around in time this season has been confusing as hell.

    One thing I am completely mystified by is how did Negan and the Saviors get away from the walker horde? Did I miss something? Every time someone asked that question it seems the answer was "oh it was Eugene". Okay but HOW?? Couldn't be iPod armed drone (which was all sorts of lame) since it was shot down by wannabe Daryl.
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    I just surf the show randomly these days. Sometimes the Talking Dead show afterwards seems more interesting to me than the actual episodes. I guess this isn't the first time I was keen on a show in its first few seasons and then lost interest as the series seemed to go on forever (NCIS and Bones for example), favorite characters faded away or were killed off, and the new characters just weren't as interesting to me.

    I think putting the obnoxious Negan that close to finally getting his comuppance and then "oops guess not" was a cheap shot. AMC seems so in love with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I'm afraid they'll just give him a Dramedy spinoff called "That Crazy Negan!" :#

    I suppose soon enough Gimple will kill off Rick, Darryl, Michonne and Maggie, and ask fans to stay interested in essentially a bunch of nobodies, as this community goes after that community, and that community is burned down the ground by this over other community, and then the remaining communities go after each other in a endless circle. I was a big defender of the show for years, but for years now it just feels like it's going in circles.

    I get it. Humanity sucks. There's no cure. You can't trust nobody. Great. So what's the point of the show now? They've had Rick murder his best friend, hear about his wife dying and becoming a walker after giving birth and their son having to put a bullet in her brain and oh yeah then maybe she got eaten too, good friends pulp-beaten to death etc. What's the point putting him through more? I just don't enjoy watching the show anymore. There was some fine balance between horror/gore and hopelessness, and hopefullness and trying to reach a goal somewhere. I don't feel that anymore watching it.

    Apparently Chandler Riggs' father is pissed off because he alleges AMC and Gimple that his son's character would remain part of the show the next three years. Maybe they just meant in terms of ghoulish flashbacks?

    I'm sure ratings remain fine. In a way I'm glad to have my Sunday evenings free again for PC gaming, so there's that. =)
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    One thing I am completely mystified by is how did Negan and the Saviors get away from the walker horde? Did I miss something? Every time someone asked that question it seems the answer was "oh it was Eugene". Okay but HOW?? Couldn't be iPod armed drone (which was all sorts of lame) since it was shot down by wannabe Daryl.

    I think they are still saving that reveal for a rainy day. All we know is it involved a lot of bullets. Remember how Negan asked Eugene if he would be able to replenish their supply after the plan was enacted? So maybe it was as simple as he lured all the zombies into the room (with music or whatever) where they kept their ammunition and then blew it up. Or used some super machine gun. The important thing is it was all Eugene's plan, so everything that happens now he is in some ways responsible for, which is likely going to weigh heavily on him in the aftermath.
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    Oh yeah, and for BJ, it's not so much AMC being in love with Negan as it is Robert Kirkland. Clearly they chose a fairly well known (and well liked) actor to play the role for a reason.

    Comic Spoiler:
    Negan ends up surviving the war and ultimately joins Rick. He's still an asshole but he saves Rick a couple of times.
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    I thought I had missed something with the Eugene Solution, too. Good to know it hasn't been made clear yet. But it's another example of the sloppy time jumping. I'm not against these things on principal, but they have been all over the place lately.

    I came back in to mention how much I also like Maggie's stuff and especially Eugene. Really strong Eugene stuff. Kudos to that actor.

    In the Maggie story, though, the one thing I didn't like was when the killed off Generic Beard. I mean, were we supposed to know that guy? They gave him a line so he'd seem important for half a second before his obvious fodder role came to fruition. Before the end, I was feeling ripped off that his was the only death we were getting. Man, they made up for it.

    Maggie hasn't killed a human, has she? She certainly seemed to have crossed a line for herself in taking down Savior Douche. That scene where she walked away afterwards was really powerful. And I love her ballsy plan with the coffin, but I don't see how it doesn't end with a dead Jerry.
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