Congrats Bibi

Since OO is offline I guess I will celebrate here.

As usual the polls were wishful thinking by the media.



  • hepcat
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    Sometimes a huge mistake takes time to hurt you.

    <insert THANKS OBAMA code into the Rip automated reply system>
  • Fireball1244
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    The polls weren't "wishful thinking". Netanyahu changed course sharply at the end of the campaign and took *far* more extremist positions on many issues than he ever had before. He didn't take votes away from the center-left, which got basically as many votes as they were projected to get. Instead, he pushed his center-right party into the right-wing, and scooped up votes that would have gone to one of the other three right-wing parties.

    It was shrewd, as it put Likud ahead of Zionist Union in the final seat allocation -- but again, the right-wing got about as many seats as polls projected they would get, but with several of the Jewish Home and Yisrael Beiteneu seats going to Likud.

    Congratulations to Mr. Netanyahu. He won.

    But to do so he also repudiated the notion of a two-state solution in a way that will be impossible to walk back. A two-state solution has been the bipartisan, consensus American position on the Palestinian question for decades. How to reconcile this break between Israel and its most important ally is an open question.

    Also unclear is what the longterm alternative to a two-state solution is. A one-state solution that absorbs the West Bank and Gaza results in an Israel whose majority population isn't Jewish within a generation. The status quo cannot be continued forever.
  • Ænima
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    You don't have to be Jewish to support the state of Israel. You can also be Jewish and think Netanyahu is a fascist.
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