Supreme Court Justice Says Gay Marriage Newer Than Cell Phones and the Internet.


OK, so while countless gay couples wait—in some cases for many decades, their lives and families held in the balance—Supreme Court Justices are freaking out about moving too fast. The New York Times reported that some expressed a sort of “buyer’s remorse” about the hearings Tuesday, with Justice Alito feeling the need to give a little history lesson.

“You want us to step in and assess the effects of this institution, which is newer than cellphones and/or the Internet?” he asked, urging caution in a ruling.

Hmm. The Internet was introduced to the public by UCLA in 1969. And the mobile phone was invented by Martin Cooper in 1973.

So, by Alito's bizarre logic, that must mean the concept of gay marriage—the mere fact of same-sex lovers entering into a commitment and living together as partners—must have been invented some time in the ’70s. Right?


  • Caine
    GT Member
    I like how he writes "and/or", as if being wrong about the specific order of those two would undermine his point.
  • hepcat
    GT Member
    He's what's known as an Extremist Creationist. They believe God created the world in 1968.
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