Professor Bans Fox News As Source In Class, Then Rescinds Ban

Stephanie Wolfe, a political science professor at West Liberty University in West Virginia, is walking back a ban on using Fox News as a source for a class assignment, Inside Higher Ed is reporting.

Local television stations initially reported that Wolfe, who is filling in for another faculty member on leave, distributed a syllabus for an unspecified course that, according to Fox News, reads:
DO NOT use

1) The Onion -- this is not news this is literally a parody

2) Fox News -- The tagline "Fox News" makes me cringe. Please do not subject me to this biased news station. I would almost rather you print off an article from the Onion

she says it was only a suggestion. I'm not sure which is funnier though: banning Fox News or having to specifically point out The Onion :icon_lol:


  • Ironrod
    GT Member
    My wife has to tell her graduate students that wikipedia is not a valid reference. You'd think they'd know that by the time they get to the graduate level...but it's news to many of them.

    I can see lumping Fox News, the Onion, and the Daily Show together as news-based entertainment channels.
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