iPhone App Helps You Find Local Democrats

just grab the Obama for America app and you can start stalking your own Democrats today!

Voters who want to actively support President Barack Obama’s reelection without the added burden of putting down their iPhones can now turn to Obama for America, a free app from the Democratic Party, now available on iTunes. But since it matches voter personal info to locations on a Google map, for the purpose of volunteer canvassing, it comes with a built-in creep factor.

Lois Beckett of ProPublica points out that the app replaces the clipboards of old with a GPS-synced lists of registered Democrats in your area. We checked it out ourselves, and the allegation is understandable. You can't search for people, or see everyone in every house, but when you log in (via Facebook or Obama's own campaign) to be a canvasser you see a cluster of blue flags.

Each flag represents a home you can visit to get out the vote. But even if you have no intention of knocking on doors, you can click blue flags to find potential voters’ first names, last initials, addresses and ages, not to mention a pretty good indication of whether that potential Obama voter lives alone.
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